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Scale up the capabilities of your video surveillance systems

Meet AltoV - a Cloud-hosted video management system that will meet the dynamic demands of present-day security systems. With AltoV, enhancements of security coverage can be made swiftly to any given environment like never before. 

Conventional Method 

Commonly, a video surveillance system works by recording video in a Network Video Recorder (NVR). While this approach is both time-tested and cost-efficient, it does not address the needs of today businesses – Centralized Storage and Online Accessibility. 

Likewise, a NVR does not allow the scalability and flexibility of enterprise architecture, such as resiliency and up-time requirements. Multiple compute nodes need to be installed at each location to fulfill the functionalities for business insights (Example: Customer Data Mining), which increases the operational costs.

NEW Adaptation

With the introduction of a cloud-hosted video surveillance solution, we are bringing Video Management System (VMS) and other complementary services online, providing you with real-time data for more accurate business insights.

Videos from the IP camera pool will be streamed to the cloud though a secured VPN tunnel, and stored in a centralized data lake. Services such as Management Server, Recording Server and Database etc can also be installed in the same cloud, with the flexibility and capability of burstable compute when the need arises. 

In addition, with the advent of Video Analytics, mining data would be easier with a centralized location, without the need for a localized GPU hardware.

Using a retail environment as an example, the extension of an event area within the mall will require additional surveillance cameras for security measures. Instead of expending manual resources to gather information on the existing cameras and reviewing the NVR’s capacity to support additional cameras, with AltoV, all the information you need can be retrieved in a matter of seconds – it is that simple!


Mobile Device Access

Review real-time  camera feeds and monitor the status of your network remotely on your mobile phone and be alerted for outage. Quick access to recorded videos for review or archival purposes. 

Flexibility in
Surveillance Needs

Increase the surveillance coverage without the restriction of the NVR storage capacity.  Cloud-hosted systems permits flexibility in operations, allowing businesses to be responsive to changes.

Scale the surveillance network with ease, regardless of brands or model of cameras, by adding all the required channels on-the-go.
Security Assurance 

Videos clips are channeled  to the cloud via a secure VPN tunnel, thus eliminates potential security breaches which may occur in open ports scanning at the router end.

How Much Do You Know About The Patrons Who Visited Your Retail Space?

Video surveillance in public places is ubiquitous and prevalent in our daily lives, be it within a shopping malls or at the train terminals; it is everywhere! 

It works more than just a deterrent for loss prevention or crime investigations. With the introduction of video analytics, it now enables businesses to make quantifiable decisions based on un-tapped data never before done in the retail sector. 

Developed by BEAQON, AltoV provides a scalable and flexible solution offering not only surveillance but actionable customers insights too. Retail performance such as customer traffic, conversion rate and conversion ratio can be computed through the system, which drives decisions in marketing campaigns and promotions. 

What can it can do in a RETAIL environment?

Location Performance

Measure the count of patrons to a location with the breakdown of specific demographics such as gender and age group.

Zone & Shelf

Measure visitor engagement time and transaction rate by zones and display shelves.

Staff Optimization

Optimize staff deployment schedule to enhance the patrons' experience.

Visitor Path Analytics 

Measure visitor walking paths within the store and the amount of time spent at each checkpoint.

Store Footfall

Measure the effectiveness of marketing initiatives against the patrons visiting the stores.

Compare KPIs of Different Stores 

Use of effective KPIs (walk-by to walk-in rate) to measure performance.

Industry Applications

Hyper-Personalization Service

Personalization on a whole new level, that’s what hyper-personalization is all about. By leveraging on machine learning with real-time data, you are able to deliver more relevant contents, products or services to your selected group of customers.


  • Improve VIP Engagement Experience
    Identification of VIP at the door by name, with tailored experience and curated product offering.
  • Crowd/Queue Management
    Plan and manage crowd/queue by utilizing real-time data or with predictive analysis on business trends.
Public Safety & Security

Safety and security has also been a priority in every sectors. Aid and improve the effectiveness of your security systems coupled with AltoV and our Video Content Analytics capabilities.


  • Authorized Entry
    Identification of staff at Schools or Hotels for automated clearance at staff entrances.
  • Abnormality Detection
    Detection of events such as car accident or even kidnapping as it unfolds, right in front of the camera.
Site Compliance

Automatic detection of equipment presence or regulation adherence, thus reducing unnecessary workforce and improve efficiency.


  • Fire Safety Regulation
    Detection of a blocked fire exit or a missing fire extinguisher in real time.
  • Demarcation Zone
    Enforcement of boundaries using time-based or clearance-based rules with auto alert on violations.

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