Paintballs: The Infinity War!

July 9 2018

A fantastic ½ day outdoor fun for Beaqonlins on one of a Friday in May 2018!

Gathering under the hot sun, we had a 15 mins safety briefing by the game master, after which we gather our ‘weapons’ of destruction and off we go for our shooting spree in our groups~!

We have 2 winning teams at the end of the day, resulted from 3 rounds of ‘exchanged-fire’. Two individuals are recognized by the game master for their effort in the game:

  • The Ultimate Fighter – Dean Chua
  • Honorary Title: L.K.Y aka Lead, Kill & Yell – Mikky Chua

It’s great fun having team bonding and doing strategy together, taking turns to be ‘terrorists’ planting bomb and counter-terrorists defusing the bomb! All of us brought back big and small ‘souvenirs’ (bruises) from this memorable occasion. Ouch!!

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